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Giseli Koraicho, interior designer graduated by Panamericana de Arte e Design, leading the architecture and interior design team of Infinity Spaces, is always seeking her main goal: to make dreams come true.

Active in the residential and corporate market, Giseli, has as main objective to keep up to date and constantly professional improvement.

Each project is viewed as unique and is always a new challenge - "Nothing better after completing a project, feel and prove that my client feels welcomed in the projected environment and, more than that, that his personality is marked within each of the spaces" - says the professional who has been operating in the market for almost a decade.

In the corporate market, Giseli has developed projects for large companies in the office market, which demands not only customized environments, but infrastructure and total capacity to adapt spaces according to each client.

"Offices are extensions of our residences, so well-being and functionality at these locations should be treated as a priority in the execution of a project. Nowdays, we spend most of our time working and, therefore, feeling good in your work environment is essential", believes Giseli, who maintains her focus on the individual needs of each company and the customization of each corporate project.




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Giseli Koraicho

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